Please describe your prior volunteer experience (if any):

What skills/experiences do you have, that may prepare you to work as a volunteer in The Young Bookworms’ interest area [Developing emotionally, socially and mentally capable Nigerian children]?

Why are you choosing to volunteer with The Young Bookworms?

What do you hope to gain from volunteering with The Young Bookworms?

Please read the following carefully before signing this application:

I understand that ‘The Young African Bookworms is a nonprofit registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and is not a profit-making entity.

I understand that I am choosing to be a volunteer with the Young Bookworms of my own free will and will not expect to receive financial compensation for my time and commitment to the nonprofit.

I understand that I am expected to formally communicate with The Young Bookworms anytime if I wish to no longer be a volunteer with the nonprofit.

I certify that when the need for my commitment areas arises, I will carry out the tasks expected of me by the Young Bookworms in a professional, timely and diligent manner that will help The Young Bookworms fulfill its main objectives.