About us

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization born out of the pain of Nigerians!

More often than not, breaking news mostly breaks hearts. One particular news that broke a campaign on the whole other side of our nation in April 2014 was the kidnap of 276 female students from their school in Northern Nigeria. This breaking news broke hearts and eventually birthed the social impact initiative that is The Young African Bookworms, AKA YBWorms.

A small group of young, creative minds took a stand against a disheartening philosophy related to education by breaking a one-off campaign intended to increase the consciousness of formal basic education in Northern Nigeria. The campaign was named “Boko Halal” meaning Education is Virtuous and was inspired by the slogan suggested by the Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, during his opening remarks at the World Book Capital event-an initiative of UNESCO.

What was intended to be a one-off campaign opened the eyes of these Creatives to the growing rate of school dropout, the high number of out-of-school children, and the low quality of education available to less-advantaged primary school-aged children in Nigeria.

During their work on the Boko Halal campaign, the shocking discoveries made by these creative minds, of the huge inequalities in access to education in Nigeria were the birth pangs that heralded the initiative that is today known as The Young African Bookworm Initiative in November 2015.

Our approach

Our Vision
Developing social, emotional, and mental capability of the African child
Our Mission
Through sustainable programs, equip underserved children with skills that increase their chances of social mobility irrespective of the environments where they learn, grow and play

Mission Statement
Books and Beyond

We want to be the non-profit you would “CITE” for sustainable education programs.


We believe in the power of working with stakeholders from diverse sectors and disciplines to achieve mutually-beneficial goals.


We continually seek new and effective ways to solve complex social problems.


We are upfront about our intentions for social impact and remain open in our communications.


We are committed to acting honestly and fairly in ways that respect diversity and protect the dignity of those we serve.

Our team

Omotola Oni


As the Programs Manager I bring a wealth of passion and expertise to the table. I play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient execution, sustainability and success of our programs, assuming a multifaceted position that integrates leadership, coordination, and strategic planning to achieve positive outcomes for the communities we serve.

My duties encompass a range of responsibilities, including stakeholder engagement, team oversight, and strategic planning, among others. My journey is deeply rooted in a personal connection to the struggles of indigent children, having grown up in a slum community in Nigeria. 

Against all odds, I emerged as the best graduating student in History from the University of Ilorin in 2003, setting the tone for a career dedicated to social impact. My commitment to the cause is more than professional—it’s personal. As a peer mentor during my own challenging upbringing, I understand the transformative power of education and mentorship. This first-hand experience fuels my determination to contribute to the emancipation of indigent children and families. I am committed to the eradication of poverty and creation of wealth through education.

Osagie Enohonfoh

Programs officer and Communication lead

As the Programs Officer and Communication Lead, my role is to ensure that our programs are effectively meeting the needs of our stakeholder. I oversee the proper monitoring and evaluation of all our programs. I faced a challenging situation in my childhood which lead me to quitting primary school because of my family experienced financial difficulties temporarily. The interruption had a negative impact on my academic progress, requiring extra effort to get back on track. This personal experience is what is driving my commitment, ensuring that children from marginalized backgrounds have access to basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Additionally, I am responsible for creating visually appealing content for our social media platforms and capturing meaningful moments during our programs to showcase the work we do at The Young African Bookworms. Furthermore, I strive to equip these children with the necessary life and leadership skills for a successful transition in life.

Tarinabo Attah


As the Project Coordinator and Admin Lead, I create engaging and educational activities for kids from backgrounds as diverse as my childhood. After secondary school, I couldn’t attend my preferred university due to financial constraints. Instead, I took a teaching job at a primary school and provided extra coaching to students at their homes. This experience sparked my passion for education and social impact. Later, I joined an organization focused on inspiring young people through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Teaching them using our unique curriculums is the most fulfilling aspect and networking at events has connected me with like-minded individuals making a positive impact in society. This led me to discover my passion for project execution and helping individuals in our community. My journey has now led me to The Young African Bookworms, where I continue to make a difference.

Adam Cheise


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