Our Impact

As an organization, we've directly impacted over 1,300 children through our programs and interventions.

Favour, from Baptist Primary School Ijero wrote in her holiday journal which we ask the children to make in order to track their emotions “I counted 10 – 1 when my mother slapped me for a mistake I made at home. Understand and Practicing feelings is one of the values we teach the children in our Paragon Train Club program which is helps to develop the socio-emotional skills of primary aged children

What we do

We are dedicated to creating, educating, engaging, and inspiring the next generation of future leaders throughout Nigeria. Through our efforts, we aim to nurture a generation of confident and capable individuals who will lead with innovation, compassion, and determination, driving positive change in their communities and beyond."

We Create

We create programs that empower the next generation of tomorrow to overcome their background and shine brightly with positive impact on the future.

We Educate

Through our programs, we strive to educate children to look beyond their perceived limitations and discover the vast potential within themselves.

We Engage

Through our programs, we engage diverse stakeholders and community leaders to create a collaborative environment, benefiting everyone, beyond children alone.

We Inspire

We inspire children, stakeholders, and ourselves, fostering belief in creating positive change. Through active participation and leadership, we empower individuals to make a lasting impact on the world around us.”

Our numbers that speak

Eight-year-old Rukkaiya, had to leave school to assist her mother in selling “kunu” after losing her father in 2018. She has benefited in recent months from our Tech for Every Gen Alpha (TEGA) program in the Badarawa Community. Now that she can type on a computer, Rukkaiya is learning to read and write. It’s not just her. Our TEGA initiative in Kaduna, financed by World Connect, has 64 additional kids just like her.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we are open to partnership as long as it falls under our thematic areas.

No, our organization primarily concentrates on partnering with primary schools, public schools, or local community-based educational schools, specifically catering to children within the primary school age group.

The application process usually spans approximately two weeks until receiving final approval. We will maintain communication with you through email during this period. Once your application is approved, it is the responsibility of the receiver of the books to coordinate the collection of books from our office. Our role involves preparing the book packaging and providing an estimated window for pickup.

The quantity of books we provide as donations depends on the number of children who will be able to access the books at any given moment. Currently, our minimum donation is set at 100 story books per distribution. If you know of others in your network who could also benefit from these donations, please feel free to refer them to fill out our application form.

For books donation to be possible, we want to ensure that the books would be put to maximum use the receiver will be flexible enough to allow us monitor book usage, and will be able to give testimonials, feedback and acknowledge the donation.